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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  June 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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massachusetts still stunned by two powerful tornadoes. >> the lives lost, the path of destruction and why it caught so many by surprise. hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here is what people are talking about tonight. >> tonight rescue crews are going door to door looking for survivors. >> reporter: russell brusset clung to the pipes in his
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basement while his house was blown off of its foundation. >> god was good to me, it took me house but it didn't take me. >> reporter: this twister was caught on tape. dorothy malone sprung into action getting all her students into safety without a scratch. >> these children actually ran into a cloud of dust. there was nothing even to see, but because i told them to run, they ran. >> reporter: not everyone was as fortunate. a 40-year-old springfield woman died shielding one of her daughter's in the bathtub. her other daughter fabiola was at work. >> i would die for either one of them. >> reporter: these tornadoes were large. this time buildings have to be torn down like the one behind me. residents are in shock saying the possibility of a tornado
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in their neighborhood never even occurred to them. >> i am just crying because it's destroyed, oh my god. >> reporter: while the scale of damage is smaller than in the midwest, the shock is still big. >> we've got a real mess on our hands here. >> reporter: a mess that won't be going away any time soon. in springfield, massachusetts, duarte g era ldino. >> reporter: this year is believed to be the deadliest year for tornadoes since 1950. at least 126 people have lost their lives. crews have been searching for ryan daugins. his family found his car.
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crews are using cadaver dogs and they will continue tomorrow. and today the state got the okay to hike tolerates. kelly mcpherson. >> reporter: tolls will be going up this fall and once again in 2013. but right now the state is trying to iron out exactly how we have the latest proposal. many drivers agree higher tolls on maryland highways, bridges and tunnels will take a toll on their budget. >> i'm not happy about anything doubling in price. everything is gas, coal, food. >> reporter: eventually everything will double. the toll is $2 now and will likely go up to $3 this fall and then $4 each way in 2013. >> that's awful. i guess i'll be driving through the city.
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>> reporter: the commuters rate is 40-cents and is proposed do go up to 90-cents then $1.40 in the summer of 2014. if you take the bay bridge, you take $3 now and should go up to $5 and then $8. >> the money that is collected does not go to other places. so the money that is collected by the authority for these facilities goes right back into these facilities. >> reporter: the state transportation department says the needed increases will cover improvement. like $410 million for the three baltimore harbor crossings and 225 million for the bay bridge. >> this is very sophisticated structures and people don't even see because it's under water. >> it will damper our trip to ram head and we like to go to the ram quite a bit. >> reporter: one thing that's new is an incentive to get one of these, an easy pass. if its proposal goes through,
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that means everybody with an easy pass will get a 10% discount off of cash toll price. kelly mcpherson, wjz news. >> there will be a series of public hearings this summer and whatever increase is decided on will go into effect this fall. a house in northwest baltimore is leveled by an explosion. a gas meter caught fire at this house. causing an explosion that destroyed the home. a man was found near that gas meeting with serious burns. he is being treated at the john hopkins burn center. shot at point-blank. that's what witnesses recalled about an officer shooting. >> reporter: this is the first imagine released of the gun
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officer yambe use to shoot brown. a shooting officer tashambe claimed was self-defense. brown and the offer scuffled. then officer tashambe looked scared. but brown immediately moved back his hands in the air, while officer tashambe pulled the trigger, over and over. >> it was senseless. it was wrong. nothing. how can you call yourself a man of law to take a person's life the way that he did. >> reporter: hill testified teshambe shot brown twice and he slumped to the side. then there was a pause before continuous gunfire and brown fell to the ground. his sister rushed to his side.
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>> it was a tragic situation and it was uncalled for. brown's body was riddled with bullets. two of the shots were fired from distance of just 2.5 feet away. that brown was shot in the shoulder, liver, spleen and thigh. and the gun was just inches from his skin. brown's alcohol level was almost triple the legal limit at 2.22%. tesambe refused a breathalyzer test. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. and that trial is scheduled to resume monday morning. someone is hacking g-mail and google says it's the chinese. according to the internet giant unknown hackers from china stole personal g-mail pass words from hundreds of senior u.s. government officials
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including some in the defense department. google believes the motive was spying. the government usually uses g- mail to community where the president is traveling. you had your chance president obama and with that mitt romney announced his bid for the white house. romney joins a growing field of candidates for the republican presidential nomination. palin and giuliani are also in new hampshire. goodbye food pyramid, hello food plate. the shape is different but the message remains the same. eat more fruits and vegetables. kai jackson explains that the new guide sends a new message.
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>> reporter: the change is long overdue say the people we talked to. it's called my plate. it's a guide from the department of agriculture, with a recommended amount of food that americans should be eating. >> we needed it to work not just in classrooms or in laboratories but at the table. >> reporter: what really didn't make sense was the old food pyramid. >> a lot of dietitians say the pyramid did not work, a lot of people were not understanding it. >> reporter: it also includes dairy. >> i would like to see how if consumers are going to take this and take it into their table. >> reporter: it's a vegetable, a fruit, protein, chicken, whole grain and dairy. now i'll be honest. i like a lot of things that aren't good for me.
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but the government says i should eat like this. and apparently so should you. experts are encouraging people to eat smaller portions and exercise. they say the benefit will be a reduction in heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other illnesses. >> it seems to be everything you need. fruit, grains, proteins, vegetables and dairy. >> reporter: eat smaller portions, eat fat free milk. so vic, your food plate should look like this. if it doesn't, you need to get with the program. >> it looked a lot like that tonight. baltimore is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the
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bromoselter tower. mayor stephanie blake helped unveil a commemorative quilt in honor of the tower centennial. when it was built it was the tallest tower. how many people even know what bromo seltzer is. >> they may not. but it's one of the coolest buildings i think. just minutes away, the twitter photo scandal intensifies. which maryland police department gets big benefits from an online bust. i'm jessica cartalia in baltimore county, a new proposal could put even bigger semi trucks on the road. why some are for and against it here in maryland. a beautiful end to our week, i'm bob turk i'll have a complete forewarning forecast coming up next. [ pilot #1 ] everybody gets excited
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it is 67 degrees, beautiful and clear in central maryland right now. your complete forecast is coming up. the rampage in a southern arizona town leaves six people dead including the gunman. police say the 73-year-old kerry hall diaz shot his ex- wife divorce lawyer inside an office building in downtown yuma and four other people. all the victims knew each other. diaz was later found dead of an
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apparent self-inflected gunshot. the couple who kidnapped and held jaycee dugard captive for 18 years learned how many years they will spend in prison. phillip garrido was given the maximum sentence of 436 years in prison. his wife nancy was given a sentence of 36 years to life. a statement from jaycee dugard was read at the hearing in it she said quote, you stole my life and that of my family. end quote. the media storm continues around new york official leonard of lewd photos sent through his phone. a debate tonight on capitol
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hill over weight limits for tractor trailer. one proposal could increase weight. they feel bigger trucks will lead to more fatalities and could destroy maryland roads and bridges. >> reporter: triple tractor trailers drift and sway along the highway. >> they drive like lunatics out here. >> reporter: these triple tractor trailers are illegal here in maryland. but a proposal before congress could change that. and allow trucking companies to increase the weight of tractor trailers from 80,000 to 97,000 pounds an 8.5-ton difference. >> if the trucks are bigger they have additional breaking issues. >> reporter: representing maryland, regina abalara has been on capitol hill lobbying
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against these bigger big riggs. >> 85% oppose such legislation. >> they just cut you off. the bigger, there's going to be more accidents. >> reporter: wjz spoke to a motorist association who say they don't have a stance either way. but those who like the proposal say there could be a decrease in shipping. >> it would do further damage to our infrastructure legislation. >> reporter: jessica cartalia, wjz eyewitness news. in 2009 there were 85 fatalities involving big rig trucks here in maryland. the state received $475,000, it was their share of the money seized. the money will help restore items lost in recent cut backs. a misunderstanding has police in missouri trying to shoot one hard headed
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alligator. you see it was actually a concrete lawn ornament. they fired two rounds while responding to a call about an alligator sighting. the gators owner says his concrete buddy does a good job of keeping trespassers out. maybe it does too good of a job. >> alligators in missouri. >> they have nice fish there but no alligators. >> that's one good shot. >> maybe arkansas but not missouri. 67 now, 83 dewpoint. it's been in the 30s and 40s all day long. no wind right now the barometer has been rising. humidity at 41%. just so comfortable, 60 in oakland. they're going to get down to 42 degrees today.
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66 cumberland, could be warmer. 76pax river. some areas near the water are still quite a bit warmer. many suburban areas already in the low to mid-60s. some of these numbers are representing. a lot of places north of the city already sparked 62 now. jacksonville 63. westminster areas north of that area already down in the low 60s. so very comfortable cool night. 88degrees today, can you believe that. it was 88 this afternoon for a brief period. and this morning's low so far 66. probably break that by about midnight or so. 79-57 and the average 96 and 44. right now no wind here at all. so that north breeze bringing that dry air. that's going to continue tomorrow it's going to be a beautiful day. cooler tomorrow than it was today. may not even get to 80. now it's saturday night and sunday. we do have clouds out the west may bring us a brief shower early sunday or sunday
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afternoon as slightly warmer and humid air begins to move in over top of that cool surface. that's where you get some clouds, maybe a brief shower. then sunday late in the day clears up. monday, tuesday looks really pleasant again. temperatures running just slightly above average talking low 80s. northwest winds in the bay above 10 knots. there's still an advisory until friday morning. bay temp now 76. clear, cool, 50 in some neighborhoods. probably upper 50s. 80degrees tomorrow with sunshine all day long. saturday 84. maybe a brief shower or thundershower sunday. 84 again on monday. and 84 again on tuesday with sunny to cloudy skies. >> thank you bob, check in with bob and marty for the updated forecast. >> there's hope for break in the nfl lock out. the secret meeting thatsoeverred the stalemate. mark has the latest next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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100 days to go but there's still hope for football. mark is here with our fan sports report. >> offseason, intrigue and drama. let's get some football right. tomorrow they're going to meet before judges in a courtroom in st. louis, for the past three days nfl owners and players have met in chicago. secret meeting that could be a sign there is movement toward solving the lock out. the secret gathering took place at this hotel. five owners attended along with five player reps including the ravens foxworth. if players were in the immediating with roger goodell.
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the secret meetings are being interpreted as a move toward a settlement. ravens players gather for a similar work out in baltimore last week. this time of year teams usually have organized mini camps but the lock out keeps players from team facilities and prohibits contact with the owners. this reminder it's masn on wyz this weekend, see the o's and jay's saturday night at #:00 and sunday afternoon at 1:30 all here on wjz. texas and cleveland are two division leaders that have beaten up on the rangers. andrews with a face hit to bring one in.
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now a single texas batter struck out tonight. first time that's happened for them in three years. they beat cleveland 7-4. in golf near columbus ohio, first round of the memorial hosted by jack nicholas. birdied the final eight hole. tied with chris riley for the lead. not nearly as lucky, kevin sadler a swing and a miss in a ravine. that caused him a stroke trying to get out. he will get out of the mess in his second attempt. he bogeyed the hole and is five shots mind. talk on the radio tomorrow morning at 10:00 on 1 this is the aircraft logbook. we have to write down everything about every flight. with so many new southwest flights, that's a lot of ink. i filled up three of these this month already. kinda like the little black book... of all the cities we've dated. [ male announcer ] starting june 5th, fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service
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